Top 5 Most Used Emojis You Might Want to Know


People use emojis as a symbolic representation of feelings. Similar to punctuation, using emojis to articulate emotion-irony or humor to replace body language and tone of voice in text-based communication.

Emojis are the tiny symbols with smiley faces, glimmering eyes, hearts, including all shapes, colors, and sizes that people use in text messages, emails, and social networking sites. Emojis are not marked, and their definition is up to those who use them. But, since they sometimes telegraph and quickly recognize thoughts or emotions, they are often understood in context. They enable us to add tone and clearness to our social interaction. 

Emojis are fun to use, especially when you don’t know the exact word, but the emoji can. People use this emoji to give the vibe of being sarcastic; it may sound rude, but, yes, people usually do that. 

Emojis are also safe to use. No one has ever heard of anyone getting a virus on their phone by receiving an emoji that someone sent, but if you feel that you still need to have some sort of protection for your phone, consider norton mobile security,  a phone security and virus protection app, which helps in  detecting viruses and protects your phone against suspicious malware.

Here are 5 emojis frequently used when sending messages:

Smiling Face with sunglasses

In 2019, the cool emoji got viral. Using the smiling Face with sunglasses emoji are often illustrating someone or something is relaxed, chill, easy-going, or carefree, perhaps with a bit of a snarky tone. People use it to express gratitude or consent and to stand in for the feelings of “OK” or “amazing.”

Face with tears of joy

This emoji conveys a face that is laughing hard while having a tear running down. You can use this emoji when something is hilarious, and you probably want to show you feel using that emoji. It can lighten up the mood as well. 

According to Unicode, Consortium’s emoji use frequency survey, 2019, this laughing emoji ranked ahead of 2000+ emojis, and it is famous on social websites such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Smiling Face With Heart-Eyes

This emoji has a yellow face with a broad smile, often with teeth, and a red, comic-like heart with eyes. It often conveys enthusiastic emotions of affection, obsession, and adoration. This emoji also has a cat variant. It is so cute that you can express your love towards sweet stuff using this emoji.

This emoji may also mean harmony and comfort. You know that it can be hard for people to reveal their genuine emotions. Whenever the person uses this emoji often, it can imply he’s comfortable with you, and that person ready to open up. However, in your response, you must ensure that you do not scare him away.

Take note that this expression’s purpose could either literally to indicate “I Love You,” or as a puppy-dog-eyes substitute. Remember that it comes in cat form, too, if you feel like mixing things up with “Smiling Cat Face With Heart-Eyes.”

Red Heart Emoji

Red Heart Emoji is, by far, the most traditional and well-known expression of love and romance. The Red Heart was published as part of Unicode 1.1 in 1993 under its name ‘Strong Black Heart’ and linked to Emoji 1.0 in 2015. The Red Heart conveys passionate love, desire, and affection. 

A person uses an old love heart emoji as an expression of love. You can check them in different colors on most apps like blue, yellow, purple, green, and black. There is a comparable emoji for a heart match in a card game deck. Every color of the heart emoji has distinct interpretations. The color of the heart emoji that you text or sent can also convey those messages. However, there’s no standardized definition of what each color heart emoji means.

Loudly Crying Face

This emoji is excellent for showing that you are sad, disappointed, or got in trouble. You could use this if you’re feeling overwhelmed as well; it depends on how you use it. This emoji is pretty straight forward.

Loudly Laughing Face portrays uncontrollable emotions and overwhelming thoughts, ranging from sadness and frustration to hilarity and enjoyment. It happens to sound hyperbolic. You should not be confused with the Appropriate Face With Tears of Joy, although it is often combined with and used for the same purpose.


A sad face with tears running down both sides. This emoji shows upset, sadness, and frustration. Crying emoji is sometimes used ironically, unlike many other sad faces. The Loudly Crying Face Emoji launched in 2010 and is now primarily recognized as the Crying Emoji, and it can also link to the Cry Emoji. This emoji also refer to as the Sad Weeping Face.

Know your emojis

These are the emojis that people mostly use. Please remember that using these emojis is sometimes misinterpreted by many, so be careful about using them to avoid misunderstanding. Since the way we communicate is constantly changing, sending messages with emojis is another way of fully expressing yourself. Emojis highlights the feelings you want to convey through a 2-Dimensional chatbox. Make sure to familiarize yourself with how to use emojis and what they mean.