Using Snapchat As An Alternative to Instagram: A Lowdown 


Social media platforms have become an essential part of one’s life these days. Through social media, people can communicate, express their thoughts, ideas, and opinions, and even get connections for their businesses. It has contributed many ways to make things easier in our life especially the e-commerce industry. These days you can simply post an fancy image of your product and add the ok emoji within your post to quickly tell your followers that this product is good and that this product is absolutely okay! Expressing through written format has been way better thanks to emojis.

Now that everyone is on quarantine and is currently self-isolating in their home due to the coronavirus pandemic, media platforms have become a tool to keep in touch with family and friends. 

One of the most used apps is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. Although Facebook is far from Twitter in comparison, Instagram and Snapchat are almost all the same. Especially when it comes to photos, stories, and filters, both apps actually have nearly the same updates. Here are just some things you need to know about the two. 

An Overview About Snapchat

When Snapchat became popular, a big bulk of its users were younger people. It was known to be an app for millennials. Snapchat had an adorable platform where users get to take photos with cute and funny filters. It became a huge trend, and soon after that, everyone of all ages is using the app.

Snapchat does not only let you take photos but also allows you to make “snaps,” or a 15-second video, send messages to your friends, and send voice messages. The only difference of Snapchat among other social media platforms is when you post content on your story. It will only be visible for 24 hours. 

Instagram’s Uncanny Transition

When Snapchat captivated almost every mobile device in the whole world, Instagram won’t take a stand for it. Thus, they also made an update feature that is super similar to Snapchat. Instagram invented their Instagram Stories, and it has the same function as Snapchat as well.

On Instagram stories, you can also take photos and videos using a wide variety of filters, and post it for 24 hours. However, Instagram was one step away from Snapchat when they added a feature where stories could be easily searched. 

With that, to be ahead on the competition, Snapchat added a new feature update called Spectacles by Snapchat. This is to make their platform a bit different from the new Instagram update. 

The Difference Between Instagram and Snapchat

Although Instagram and Snapchat users mainly use the apps for personal reasons, some also use the platforms to market their businesses and brands. Both apps are considered to be the right marketing strategies for people to use.

If you’re thinking of selling out your brand and business out in the market, but only have a limited source of funds to only have one app to go for, here are some common differences between Snapchat and Instagram.

In Terms of Demographics

Snapchat has over 187 million users per day. Instagram on the other hand has a much larger audience, with about 400 million users per day. 

Snapchat is known to be an app for Generation Y people, aka Millennials. But Instagram covers not only Generation Y, but they also have a population of users from Gen Z, Gen X, and even Boomers. However, although Instagram is vast in numbers, many people still like Snapchat’s features over Instagram.

In Terms of Discoverability

When searching for photos, videos, and other content on Instagram, you can directly see someone’s picture when you search them in the search bar. Instagram has the Search and Explore, and you can now see more related content to your search. 

Also, you can search through Instagram using hashtags. If you want to search for a particular person on the app, it will directly take you to their profile and see their photos and videos. You also have the option to link your website to your profile. 

On the other hand, Snapchat does not have the same feature and functions. You can’t easily search for someone and see their content. You can’t also search for something on the app and view photos and videos instantly. 

Although Snapchat has a Discover Function located in the bottom right corner of the screen, it is not easy to use compared to the Search & Explore function on Instagram. If you want to see other content, there is a “For You” feature on Snapchat that has posts from celebrities and companies across the world. 


Regardless of the endless argument about which app is better, Snapchat and Instagram only have one common goal. And that is to share content that has information and entertainment. Both apps also are a proper channel for businesses and brands. 

Posting a photo or video of your content on social media will help increase your marketing stats and will even offer you a massive opportunity for your business. Someone out there might see your posting, and that might turn out to be your potential customer. That’s potential business that you can’t afford to ignore.