Increase Your Daily Productivity By Utilizing Pomodoro Timer


The Word Count Tool website provides significantly enhanced tools that can help you with your writing. Whether for social media posts, blogs, content writing, essays for school, articles, and more, this web tool will provide you with features that will assist you on your writing journey.

Many people are not aware that having time managing systems is essential when engaging in writing content or works. Here, you will know more about the Pomodoro technique, the other useful timers it provides, and its benefits.

The Pomodoro Timer Feature Of Word Count Tool Website

A system developed for managing time for increasing user’s daily productivity. This incredible system is called the Pomodoro timer, provided by the word count tool site. Developed in the year 1980, Francesco Cirillo created this technique, proving its effectivity regarding productivity and focus. 

On this website, they offer a lot of tools, from counting words to counting characters. In this article, we will dwell more on the feature of Word count Tool that is said to be developed as a system for time management.

On the web page, when you click “Pomodoro Timer” on the upper right portion of the interface, you will see three timers; The Pomodoro timer, Custom Timer, and the One-Time Timer. These timers have different purposes, duration, or cycles that fit the user’s preference and needs. In this, we will focus more on the Pomodoro Timer.

Suppose you are likely to have a hard time focusing on your work and you usually waste the majority of your time watching anime on the best free anime streaming sites on the internet. Using timers to help you focus more and help you be productive can make you finish your job without procrastinating or being stressed out. Pomodoro is a very effective technique to try.

This timer is a productivity timer consisting of a cycle of twenty-five minutes and breaks of five minutes in between. When you reach the fourth cycle of the 25-minute countdown, you will be given a fifteen-minute break. This timer will allow users to be more mindful of what is important to finish in a day. 

This timer will help you succeed in work without being stressed out. The Pomodoro timer will not restrict you from having breaks on doing necessary works or activities. The great thing about this is if you reached a certain cycle, you would be rewarded with a long leeway time. 

If you want to be strict about time management wherein you don’t want breaks in between, then you can also use their other timers that are also found on the page. The mentioned other tools are labeled as custom and one-time timers.

The Custom Timer And One-Timer Features Of The Pomodoro Technique

As we have mentioned, on the page of the Pomodoro timer, you will see two more timers that you can utilize. The Custom timer can make you decide or choose a specific length of time that is suitable for your needs. You can set it to whatever you want to make you more comfortable with working or doing other sorts of activities planned in your day.

The third timer is the “One-Time Timer,” provided with boxes wherein you can input your preferred duration in hours, minutes, and seconds. Once you have already placed a specific duration, this timer will do the rest. If you may have inputted the timer wrong, you can always do it again by clicking on the “reset” button on the right side of the timer.

Why Utilize The Pomodoro Time Management App?

Managing your time is beneficial for you. This Pomodoro technique will encourage you to focus more on what you are currently doing with a given specified duration of time and allowing you to take in-between breaks. If you need to find a tool that can help you with your everyday procrastination habits, then this website tool can be your time managing resources.

Pomodoro claimed to be undoubtedly effective for optimizing the daily productivity of people. Utilizing these timers will make you productive and make you focus more on things that are far more important. Another reason you should try this app is to train you to accomplish tasks and avoid delays of works. 


If you have a hectic schedule or a busy day ahead of you, you can still be productive enough to accomplish your daily tasks. Pomodoro can help you manage your time well, avoiding you from segues and other things that will divert your attention to another thing. Preventing yourself from getting distracted from work and activities can be done when utilizing this.

This tool is advantageous in so many ways. This word counter tool website can offer you more than what you expect. It gives you features that you will enjoy using and, at the same time, increase your productivity level.