Picture Characters: Brief History and Examples of Emojis


    We are pretty sure you have already heard about emojis. But have you already heard about the creator of these picture characters that we frequently use when messaging other people? 

    Emojis became a part of everybody’s language that we now use to express our emotions without showing them to other people in the digital world. 

    Emojis are very popular and are used practically on every social media platform that we know. Each emoji has a different meaning and can be interpreted by other people for some other meaning. We think you already know what we mean, right?

    Brief History of Emojis

    Before emojis were created, we were using facial expressions with punctuation marks. The first emoticon emerged in 1881 in the Puck Magazine. Emoticons were first used as a method of communicating feelings on the internet in 1982. When it was difficult for people to tell whether it was a joke or a serious post, Scott Fahlman came up with the answer by adding the 🙂 and 🙁 symbols and told the readers to read it sideways for them to understand.

    So, now we go to emojis. When were these little icons that make messaging much more interesting, you ask? Emojis were first created by an engineer working in the phone company of Japan called the NTT Docomo in 1999. Shigetaka Kurita was thinking about a way for customers to talk just by using icons. 

    So, he came up with emojis and released the first set of 176 emojis. The name emoji came from the Japanese words “e” which means picture, and “moji” which means character in Japanese. Shigetaka Kurita got his inspiration for his creation from global indications for toilets, Chinese characters, and Japanese Manga.

    The best part of it now is that we don’t have to read these emojis sideways to understand them in contrast to the emoticons. There are now 1,800 existing emojis that are all diverse and are now ever-evolving across other cultures, across time, and across our screens.

    Examples of Emojis

    Just what we have said, there are over 1,800 existing emojis, and we would like to give you a shortlist of examples that would help you understand the meaning behind these emojis. 

    Smiling Face with Tears Emoji

    This emoji doesn’t mean that he is crying, but it depicts an image of a person laughing with tears of joy. It is a face with a big grin with smiling eyes that are literally laughing out loud. It can be used instead of using the acronym LOL (laughing out loud). If someone were to send you an interestingly funny joke, then this is a possible reply to them.

    It can also be used as a way of showing amusement when someone does something embarrassingly funny. It shouldn’t be confused with the other laughing emoji, the tilted head laughing emoji is basically the acronym ROFL which means rolling on the floor laughing.

    Partying Emoji Face

    This emoji is straight forward. The party emoji face has a party hat on, and a party blower that is bursting with confetti. This means party, celebrating an occasion, or something to throw a party for. For example, when you graduated High School or College and your parents sent you this emoji, that means your family will throw you a party.

    There are a lot of other emojis that depict celebration, which all have the same meaning. Using this emoji in your photo only means that you are celebrating, having a party, or it is your birthday.

    Unamused Face Emoji

    The unamused face is used to show dissatisfaction or suspicion. It is shown with raised eyebrows, a frowning mouth, and the eyes are looking to one side. This is not confused with showing anger or sadness, but a very subtle negative emotion or someone is unimpressed with your action. 

    Face Savoring Delicious Food Emoji

    This emoji depicts the emotion of satisfaction or excitement with food. It is shown with a yellow face with smiling eyes and mouth, and with its tongue sticking out to one side. As if it shows a person licking their lips with satisfaction and contentment with their food. This emoji can be used when expecting a delicious meal or the food you ate was delicious.

    Beer Mugs Emoji

    This is one emoji that doesn’t show any face, but can still convey certain emotions. This is widely used when you want to invite someone to a drinking session with you. Send this to your friends, and you will surely have a company for the night.


    There are more than a thousand emojis that we can use, and each one of them has a different meaning. Be careful with using a certain emoji if you aren’t sure with what it means as some of them may hide a second meaning. Just use them in the right context, and you’ll be safe.