Word Count Tool: The Most Convenient Way Of Counting Characters


    The Word Count Tool enables you to perfectly smooth-out your content on your social media posts. On all social media platforms, there are always limitations of characters. Ideally, on Facebook, you have eighty characters, one hundred fifty for Instagram, and one hundred characters for Twitter. Ensuring that you are in the limit of characters, this tool can help.

    Although social media accounts like Facebook can cater to characters up to 63,206, having short posts can catch people’s attention. That’s why the ideal character count of Facebook is forty to eighty characters. In this tool, they have incorporated countdowns on the counter tool for users to see if they are close to hitting the character limit of what they are composing. 

    The Word Count Tool’s Character Counter Feature

    If you are looking for an online tool with a character counter feature, the Word Count program is the website you need. When you redirect to the Word Counter home page, you will see indicators above the empty textbox. These indicators set a limit for each social media for composing short but meaningful posts to prevent having a long and dragging post.

    In this character word count tool, you can type in or copy and paste your text on the provided textbox. Character count involving spaces and without spaces are also indicated. Whenever you type in, you will see that the numbers change according to how many characters you are using in your sentences. The five indicators of this web tool serve as your guide.

    Sometimes posts that go beyond the limit will let people click the “See More” icon on most specifically, on Facebook. Typing here in their counter tool can save you time from checking again and again if the posts on your social media reach the limit. Once you have composed your post on their server, you can copy, paste, and post it. 

    For added convenience, they made all counters for characters that you will post on social media situated on a single page; it makes it all faster for people to know if they already reached the limit of each social media. An easy to operate, convenient character counter is what people go for these days. A tool that will not complicate people’s minds when writing.

    Besides social media, sending text messages or DMs have character limits too. Essays and articles made by people have specific word counts and limits. When seeking out character counting tools that are accurate and would not miss a single character is the best feature that a counter tool can ever provide. 

    That’s why if you need a tool for character counting, go for Word Count Tool. Word Count Tool is useful to several people especially, writers, students, content creators, people who are active in posting on social media, and more. If you scroll down to the bottom of the page, you will see more features; Word counter, Pomodoro Timer, Mind Map, and Scrabble Word Finder.

    Why Are Counting Characters Important?

    A study was conducted, and the results proved that having fewer characters on posts, essays, etc. the more it draws attention to people. It was said that having more characters, the more boring the post gets. Most people prefer short posts than reading a very long post; this is why having limitations to characters used is important if you want people to read it. 

    The importance of counting characters is endless. One important thing about character counting is that it prevents you from writing unnecessary information. Having short but packed with the right information about things is what makes you a good writer. 

    Knowing why characters are being limited and counted on social media will make you aware and be conscious more about what to post or write. Making people avoid having boring content. 

    More About The Word Count Website Tool 

    This website tool does not only cater to English texts. Other languages from all over the world are also in their system. Languages that have difficult characters can still be counted on the Web Count Tool website. This server can still process Chinese characters, Korean, Arabic, and a lot more. 

    Some other applications or websites count every space of your paragraph. In composing your texts, you can type it on the website and look at the indicator that includes counting spaces to make things easier for you to not over compose on your articles, essay, reports, or other things that you need to compose on. 


    Editing, revising, or making changes to your paragraphs because you have reached the limit is a stressful and tiring task. To avoid removing words or characters after finishing your composition, you can directly type in what you want on the website to automatically know when to stop or how to fit all information in one post that is character limited.