Things You Need to Know About Singaporean 2020 General Election


The general election is where people can choose their representatives for the parliament. In Singapore, the election is held every four to five years, and this year’s voting day is going to be held on the 10th of July. We have accumulated some facts that you should know about the Singapore 2020 general election.

A Public Holiday

The polling day is a public holiday in Singapore. Every Singaporean citizen has the right to vote, and if someone has to work in the day, their employer will be liable for bonuses and the days in lieu as per the rules.

Who Can Vote in Singapore?

One should fulfil these requirements to be able to vote in Singapore:

  • The person should be at least 21 years old.
  • They should have pink NRIC.
  • Any law shouldn’t have disqualified them from becoming a voter.
  • The individual should have a Singapore residential address in their NRIC. Furthermore, if they are residing abroad, they should have registered a local address with the Immigration and Checkpoint Authority.

Safety Measures to be Taken

The election will be conducted with various precautions to contain the unwanted spread of the Coronavirus pandemic. The number of polling stations has increased, and voters have been urged to visit the voting station only after they are sure that there isn’t a crowd at the moment.

Voters need to wear masks and sanitize their hands. They will also have to wear disposable gloves before receiving the ballot paper and casting the votes.

Can Singaporeans in Foreign Countries and those with Stay Homenotice Vote?

The Singapore polling day 2020 will be made accessible to both Singaporeans in foreign countries and on Stay Home notice. There are ten voting centers across the world (except Singapore) where citizens can travel if they want to vote. The countries are namely the USA, UAE, Australia, China, Hong Kong, Japan and the United Kingdom.

By the way, Singapore has subjected everyone returning from abroad to a strict 14 day Stay at Home Policy. Well, citizens at SHNs will be able to vote at special polling centers which will be made available at their places of residence.