The Best of Road Map Options As Per The Requirement Now


    You are about to create your business or it has just been created and you are at the “choose a logo” stage but do not know which direction to take. You have made some inconclusive tests using a computer program. And that’s when we told you about the graphic charter and your reaction was “Er, the what?” Ah damn. I hadn’t thought about it.

    But what exactly is a graphic charter?

    If we had to summarize what a graphic charter is in a few words, we would say that it is the “bible” of the visual identity of your company.

    It is the set of fundamental rules that frame the use of your visual elements. It graphically translates the universe and the values ​​of a brand, a product or a company. The use of the roadmap is there now.

    What are the objectives of a graphic charter?

    There are two main objectives for the creation of a graphic charter.

    The creation of a graphic load aims in particular to bring coherence and harmony to all your supports.

    • Paper supports: business card, poster, flyer, envelope, notepad, letterhead, etc.
    • Material supports: sign, tarpaulin, display case, vehicle lettering, pens and other goodies, etc.
    • Digital media: website, electronic presentation, multimedia, e-mail, etc.

    It also aims to build a strong graphic identity for your business. If your graphic charter is respected, any document that comes from your company will be identifiable at first glance by your employees, customers or suppliers. Your image will always be the same regardless of the medium used . Thanks to it, you will communicate with one voice and control your image.

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    What does a graphic charter consist of?

    Now know a little more about the graphic charter and its objectives, let’s review the elements that compose it.

    The logo

    It is the heart of your visual identity. It will be found on all your offline and online documents. Your logo is the basis of your visual identity, the figurative composition that will serve to recognize your business, your brand at a glance. It must strengthen and reflect the image of your company and its activities, its values. It reassures your customers. It must be adaptable to all your communication media. It is preferable to deposit your logo in order to avoid unauthorized reproduction and use. The chapter of your graphic charter that deals with your logo consists of a description of it, its proportions, its minimum size, its positioning, its colors, etc. The goal is to avoid finding reproductions of your logo distorted, blurred, illegible or with shades of color that are not correct.

    The font or typography

    The choice of this one is decisive because it will be used on all your documents. It is one of the elements that give coherence to your communication both inside your company and outside.