Advantages of walk-in cooler


Upkeep: It may seem like an interminable amount of work but the amount of maintenance is about the same as your regular air conditioning system, provided you have the equipment inspected annually. You can’t afford to let your equipment languish from neglect. The air flow, condenser coils, and ventilation should be examined every so often. Also, walk in coolers are mostly made up of either steel or aluminium. During the time of purchase, preferably opt for steel as it’s easier to clean. Walk in coolers offer the benefit of sheer size and easy installation. They can be set up on top of concrete floor.

Power: The magnitude of power is impressive to say the least, as opposed to the small walk in freezers.

Manufacturing company: There’s a multitude of celebrated companies that provide excellent cold storage facilities of all kinds like Frigoman.

Law for conserving energy: There are food service inspectors in various states in USA that are liable to energy efficiency standards. From the year of 2009, all freezers and refrigerating units with a floor area spanning less than 3,000 feet per square inch will have to meet the specifications as dictated by law. Implementation of these standards will significantly cut down on energy consumption by 55%.

Safety: It has a multiple safety valves like heavy grade hinges and a steel-clad door. It can also be opened from the inside so no one gets accidentally locked in the cooler.

Saves energy: Contrary to popular misconception, a walk-in cooler expends a lot less energy than several standard size refrigerators. Yes, it is expensive but in the long run, it pays back in spades. An industrial grade walk-in cooler is bound to have more refined and sophisticated facilities, in contrast to a standard cooler. Either way, you can curtail the expenses by installing quality insulation extensions like walk-in curtains. Regular maintenance will go a long way in minimizing costs as well.

Luxury of space: This is quite perceptibly the biggest advantage. A large freezer is a mandatory requirement for better preservation of foods and walk-in coolers are just that. There’s an array of sizes, from 15 cubic feet to over 40,000 square feet. It will help in salvaging food as well as saving money. If you’re looking to narrow down your resources, then walk-in coolers are an excellent choice, even more so in big enterprises.