Writing instruments for the office


Quite simply the writing instrument or implement is an object used to produce writing. In its elementary form a writing instrument is anything that produces a line in a controllable form. Ancient instruments consisted of a stylus – that was basically a sharpened object like metal, bone or rock – used to imprint a hard surface like a tablet or rock. Writing instrument generally have the simple requirement to create a smooth, controllable line.

Without writing civilisation would not be what it is today. Without writing there is no record of information and hence no passing down of information. The history of civilisation is the history of writing. Another form of writing is the printing and together they have revolutionised the world.

History and growth of writing instruments

History of writing implements is the history of civilisation.

The reed pen

The reed pen is the first of the more sophisticated tools after the carving and stylus tools appeared. They were not perfect and were soon replaced by quill pens.

The Quill pen

Quill pens stayed a long time in history, and perhaps contributed to much of the earlier classics of our time. They were slowly replaced by metal pens.

Fountain pen

Fountain pens soon replaced the metal pens and were prized possession for their convenience. They continued to evolve even after the invention of the ball pen and are today highly prized status symbol. It should be mentioned that the invention of the ink played a major role in its development.

Ball point pen

The ball point pen though invented over a hundred years ago, in 1888, in recent times it become a common mans writing instrument manufactured by billions.The ball point pen is so called as its tip contains a tiny ball that is free to turn in a socket, transferring the ink onto paper.

Gel pens

Gel pens evolved from the ball point pen. The gel pen is one of the most modern writing instrument and is popular for its strong line and bold colours. Because of their unique characteristics they are used both by amateurs as well as professionals.

Marker pens

They can write on any type of surfaces and can be wiped either by dry duster as in dry marker or with a damp cloth for wet market pens.

Ball point gel pen

These are currently the most popular in use. For over a few decades the ball point pen has dominated the market. This is followed by the evolution of ballpointgel pen which is increasing in the market and becoming popular. The ball point pen has replaced the fountain pen as the most popular tool as it is inexpensive, reliable and maintenance free. Gel ink pens uses ink on whichpigment is suspended in water based gel.