What are the Best Traffic Controller Services that are Important to Maintain Road Safety?


People nowadays take road safety very lightly. The number of increasing accidents clearly indicates that such a mindset is more prevalent and more common that one thinks it is. Which is why it’s necessary to enforce road laws more strictly. This particular need is covered by security companies like XGuard. This is one of the best privately owned security firms that offers multiple services for traffic control and traffic management. Some such services that they offer are listed below. Let’s have a look!

  1. They Provide Traffic Controllers to Manage and Combat Road Rage

Experienced traffic controllers trained at and provided by security companies like XGuard can actually combat road rage incidents that largely contribute to more than half the entire count of accidents.

They do so in the following ways:

  • They identify speeding vehicles with their number plates.
  • They get in touch with the local police or the security team at XGuard and inform them about the direction that the problematic vehicle(s) has taken.

This particular initiative is also helpful for the police since this agency can also provide mobile patrolling agents who can handle cases such as over speeding so that the police has more time in order to deal with cases that are more important.

  1. They Provide Traffic Signs and Cones for The Safety of Construction Workers

A lot of road accidents happen since vehicles are unable to spot a construction site from far away. It compromises the security of the construction workers as well as the public. Thus, when you have a heavier and more visible cone in place, it helps in the following ways.


  • Cones are used to manage temporary traffic easily.
  • Cones help in diverting the traffic to other lanes safely.
  • Cones help in creating separation barriers between the construction site and the lanes that are open for public use.
  1. They Provide a Proper Surveillance System

One of the best ways to control traffic and reduce road rage accidents is by installing CCTV cameras. These cameras not just help the police and local authorities in identifying the crime and criminals, but they also discourage people from over speeding.

Other than providing such surveillance equipment pieces, XGuard also specializes in providing AI drones that are one of the most recent devices that the police can use to monitor live status of the traffic in different areas.

All in all, to sum up, elite security agencies like XGuard help in maintaining road safety in a lot of ways.