The Ultimate Tools To Improve Your Productivity



Productivity results from a dedication to excellence, brilliant planning, and steady effort. Although maintaining high productivity levels might be a challenge for some of us. Luckily, several tools would be of help to us and that are aimed at assisting us in maintaining a focus on our tasks and maintaining high levels of productivity.

If you’re looking for some ultimate tools to enhance productivity for yourself and your colleagues, then this list is just for you. Before we go through what those tools are, first, what does productivity mean to you? 

Whether or not we like to admit it, we are all experts in procrastination. This digital age has generated limitless supplies of distractions. Remember that these are merely tools that were designed for mental control training, and tools are only as good as the users. In this article, we will be tackling five different tools that would help us in being productive.

Pomodoro Technique

The Pomodoro Timer is a time management technique system that helps you increase your productivity. It focuses on breaking down tasks into smaller parts while taking short pauses in between rather than taking on the whole goal in one attempt. This technique has proven to be effective since it was first invented in the late 1980’s by Francesco Cirillo. 

Workplace time management can be a real challenge with all the texting, phone calls, and emails, and even snack breaks hinder us from focusing on a single task at a time. For decades, people have used the Tomato Timer as the accompanying tool with the pomodoro technique to help them schedule and break down the time when they will work and when they will take the strategic break.And for decades, people who have used both the timer and the technique have exceeded expectations and improved productivity. By properly balancing work and breaks this allows your mind to remain active and fresh preventing you from burning out and driving you to accomplish more in a day.

Google Drive (Documents, Sheets, Slides) 

Team cooperation and consultations concerning projects are now easier and faster with the help of Google Drive. With this, you can make a document, share, and edit them with your team members. It is a perfect tool for cooperative projects because all the members involved can work in the same document at the same time using their own devices. 

Google drive authorizes you to organize your files and folders, and the ability to access them almost anywhere with free 15 Gigabyte of secure cloud storage for all the documents you are planning to store, and it has backup features, and sharing capabilities as well.

With this tool, you can access all your files wherever you go, either if you’re using your phone or your computer, and even when there’s no internet connection. It is a widely used tool for document storage and work management that lets individuals collaborate.


Evernote is a great tool when you want to take quick notes while you’re working and for sharing information. These notes can be in the form of a video clip, audio, images, or even web pages, and are accessible from any device.

You can even add “ink” notes, and draw illustrations, graphs, and arrows, to make your notes much more concise and to the point. In addition to that, this tool enables you to co-edit the notes with other members in real-time, across different platforms.

LastPass – The Password Vault

LastPass is a perfect tool if you have numerous accounts on multiple websites, and you tend to forget and keep on changing your passwords. To be more efficient with time, this tool enables you to store all your passwords and login information in a safe place so that you will never get locked out of some of your accounts ever again.

This tool works close to the principle of a vault, but only it is online. You just have to enter your login data and other confidential details you want to have quick access to and pick a master password to safeguard it.

Don’t be alarmed if you think that the software knows your information, all of these are encrypted and are kept as a secret even from the software itself. Aside from the master password, you can have a two-step authentication just for extra security.


Stalling and procrastination can burn a lot of your time, but by turning your heads to Freedom, you now can reduce the time wasted on your phone and different websites.

This tool can be accessible and usable on your iPhone, Windows, Mac, and even your iPad, and you can later sync all of your setting updates to your devices. This tool gives you the authority to block entire websites, applications, create a block-lists of websites, and schedule blocks to automatically start.

When you’re finished with your online work, this tool can even help you in blocking your usage of the entire internet. This would help you in avoiding temptations in browsing your social media accounts, watching videos on YouTube, and other websites.


With the right tools for productivity, you can control and organize yourself without the feeling of being stressed and lost under a huge stack of work. We hope that these tools would help you even more in being a productive person, not only in work but in everything that you do.