Shipment of A Car from Maryland to Florida – Things to Know


So, you are all set to move to Florida from your current residence in Maryland. Everything is taken care of and everything is in motion. Now the only thing that is remaining is shipping your car to your new address.

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Shipping Your Car

Before trying to hire a help to ship your car from one place to another, there are some basic things that require your complete attention. Here are some of such factors.

·       Single-car trailers or multi-car trailers

Single car trailers carry only one car at a time, whereas multi-car trailers carry many cars at a time.

·       Uncovered or covered mode of transportation

Covered trailers will offer complete protection against the external influence. However, many car owners prefer uncovered mode of transportation because of the cost.

·       Terminal-to-terminal shipping or door-to-door shipping

The right delivery mode is chosen by you, based on your preferences.

Once you finalize a car shipping service, you will need to prepare some things from your end.

They are listed below.

  • Check whether the car shipping service offers any discount to the veteran or students or even to the senior citizens.
  • Research whether the shipping service offers delivery protection plans.
  • Is it possible to live track your vehicle, when on route to the new location?
  • The company that you hire should offer 100% authentication of their license and insurance. They should even be bonded with the transport service of that particular state.
  • Whether they offer expedited services
  • Ask questions about the estimation that they provide you regarding the final bill. You should check whether the bill includes gas, taxes, fees and tolls and so on.
  • Ask for the references and their contact information so that you can contact the previous customers of the shipping company and know more about them and their work ethics.

Shipping Quotes

Before finalizing any shipping company for the transportation of your car from Maryland to Florida, you should ask for the official and unofficial quotes from different shipping companies.

Here are some of the factors that must be included in the shipping quotes.

·       Competitive

The shipping quote is a final one and includes everything in it, as per the transportation of any particular make and model of an automobile. This is a final bill and should not include any surprise additions of fees later.

·       No Extra Miles

The starting meter reading and the final meter reading of your vehicle should be the same, once it leaves in the cargo carrier and reaches your doorstep.

You will find the names of hundreds of car shipping services for you, while looking for a way to get your automobile transported to Maryland. Research as much as possible about every shipment company name and finalize one after considering many factors.