How to Pass the Chartered Accountant Course in 4 Steps


    People dream of becoming chartered accountants because of the opportunities the career path offers them. Many large companies seek out talented chartered accountants to stay with them long-term, which means you’ll have job security no matter where you go. However, many might need to learn how to become chartered accountants. Here’s the step-by-step process to complete your chartered accountant course so you know what to expect.

    1. Complete Your Prerequisite Course

    Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need a specific prerequisite course to take the ICAEW in Singapore and become a chartered accountant. There are a few accountants who never finished college but still ended up successful in the field. Your undergraduate course doesn’t matter much as long as you show that you’re skilled. Others have an undergraduate course that doesn’t mesh well with chartered accountancy, yet they still succeed. If you’re already taking a course, it doesn’t hurt to finish it so it can fill up your resume further.

    2. Start With the CFAB

    Once you’ve finished your prerequisites, it’s time to start with your modules. You must complete fifteen modules, all of which will teach you everything you need to know about becoming a chartered accountant. The best way to pass all your modules is by taking the ICAEW CFAB. CFAB stands for Certificate of Finance, Accounting and Business, and it takes out six of the fifteen modules you need to complete. Completing the ICAEW CFAB takes twelve months, after which you can focus on the next step.

    3. Finish Your Other Modules

    With six modules down, you have nine to go until you can complete all your modules and pass. Luckily, you can choose the order of the modules to take, so feel free to order it however you feel comfortable. While the ICAEW CFAB focuses on the Certificate Level modules, the rest are Professional Level and Advanced Level.

    4. Complete Your 450 Days of Work Experience

    While you finish up your modules, you’ll also have to complete 450 days of work experience. You’ll have to look for an ICAEW authorised training employer or ATE who will accept and train you. Work experience will help prepare you for what to do once you finish your chartered accountant course.

    Do you need guidance on how to become a chartered accountant? ICAEW Singapore offers the ACA qualification, a globally-recognised qualification that will take you through a linear path towards becoming a chartered accountant. You can read the testimonials of previous students or learn more about the ACA qualification by visiting ICAEW Singapore’s website today.