How to Format your NAP to Boost the Local SEO on Website?


When it comes to ranking high on SERP, Local SEO is often overlooked by web developers. It is then futile to whine about the low reach of your content, if you have been ignoring the local SEO of your content. Incorporating correct information of your business is the most basic and fundamental element of Local SEO. Your listings on various online directories must have correct NAP.

Getting registered in some reputed online business directories is one of the best ways to boost your local SEO. Bleen is one of the best online business directories in Australia. the users can easily filter out the results of businesses on the basis of reviews, experience, service delivered, etc. Thus, if the user is looking for an aquarium shopthey could easily navigate thru the filters.

Additionally, you can also directly contact the service provider from the listing. Thus, if you are impressed by the reviews of the cat boarding companyyou can contact them from the details which have been provided in the listing. This saves the time of customers and adds to the comfort and even increases the chances of a business to make a conversion.

How does NAP help in local SEO?

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If you are planning to target the local audience, it’s pretty obvious that you must provide the relevant information like an address that places you in close proximity to the customers. Moreover, customers tend to filter out the business based on their location. Today, the “near me” keyword is in great trend.

These trends signify the customers are more inclined to purchasing from some business that is closer to their location. If you do not mention your location on the listing of the online directory or on the website, there is no chance that you may make a conversion. Adding an address is not enough, the address must be clear and consistent across different platforms on the internet.

Having consistent NAP also portrays your business as a professional services provider who pays attention to details. Google is likely to rank you higher on the SERP because the crawlers find consistent and accurate NAP holding webpages as more credible as opposed to those who are inconsistent and shoddy in their approach.

Tips for consistent NAP- 

1- The name of your business must be consistent across all platforms and local directories.

2- If you have shifted the office, change the phone number, or have added or subtracted any manufacturing unit or line of business, which must be updated in all the online business directories and across social media platforms.

3- Never add all the phone numbers in your NAP. Only the right phone number with consistency in format is the way to a successful local SEO strategy.


You must always focus on targeting the local audience to generate maximum revenue. Local SEO and NAP is one of the most effective and proven ways to target local customers who are in high probability to generate a conversion for your business.