A Step By Step Guide to Register a Company


In the present scenario, we witness very high competition in the business market. Companies are found struggling and initiating day by day to meet the global aspects in the field of business. If a company wants to survive for decades and long, it should initially fulfil all the legal procedures and get the company registered. To register a company is a full proof legal existence of the same. The Registration process is done under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA). In an era of the digital world, it is not required to reach the MCA office rather all the process can be done through online mode.

Procedure For Company Registration

To register a company, there are many procedures which includes getting the DSC certificate, DIN number, creation of MCA portal followed by submission for registration. All this process is given below which will be helpful to know the whole procedure in detail.


As per the Information Technology Act, 2000 the companies are eligible to submit the documents online by the digital signature. Companies should register online on the MCA website to get the DSC certificate which will be the proof for the authenticity of the signatures. It is mandatory to have DSC according to MCA.

  1. Register online on MCA to get the Director Identification Number(DIN)

To get the DIN number, the company should fill the form DIR-3 on the MCA website. The DSC certificate is also required. Documents required are the address proof, identity proof, educational certificate, passport and passport size photograph as well. The unique number is issued by MCA.

  1. File eform 1A for the company name

By filling this form you can give a choice of at least four names, RoC will approve one of the unique names from the following.

  1. Drafting of Memorandum of Association(MOA) and Articles of Association(AOA)

MOA includes the company’s objectives and AOA mentions about the company’s daily operations. After drafting both MOA and AOA, one can submit them online.

  1. Notarize the MOA and AOA

Send the document to the right sampling authority for the geographical location of your company. After notarizing, all the documents need to be filed online.

  1. Payment of registration and filing fee online

This is the final step of the registration process. The fee will depend on the capital assets of the company. Fees will be submitted to the MCA website.

  1. Find the RoC office to file your application

The application needs to be submitted to the RoC of the Indian state where the business is to start.

  1. Collect the Certificate of Incorporation and begin the business

If all the documents are satisfactory, the company will get the certificate of incorporation and can start the business.

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