Why do you need privacy in the world of cryptocurrency?


Blockchain technology does not imply ensuring the anonymity of cryptocurrency. As soon as the user has left his real data in relation to the wallet or bitcoin address, it can be tracked using services and algorithms. The purpose of tracking can be different; mainly law enforcement agencies and criminals are engaged in this. This fact explains the desire of many users to maintain privacy when making financial transactions.

Another reason is the desire to get a “clean crypt”, which has not previously been involved in illegal transactions. Freshly mined coins are more expensive – sometimes the markup reaches 30%. But for large investors in the crypto market, as well as institutional ones, this factor is important – when investigating a crime, being part of the chain is at least unpleasant. And although according to research by Chainalysis, only 2.7% of all bitcoins are used in criminal transactions, it must be remembered that the blockchain keeps the entire history from the moment the coin was created.

Different approaches are used to anonymize bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Most of them require the actions of the user himself, but not all of them have enough knowledge to perform them correctly. So the best option is a special service – a bitcoin mixer.

BitMix – is the best alternative to keep your funds safe

BitMix https://bitmix.biz/en takes an important place among the top Bitcoin mixers. It offers a unique, highly confidential service that guarantees the anonymity of your payments. This service is as intuitive as possible. The entire process of anonymizing bitcoins shouldn’t take more than a few minutes. This service charges from 2% to 5% for each transaction, depending on the speed of the enrollment of payments. The platform is characterized by a fully automatic mode without saving any logs or wallet information. Transaction information is retained for no more than 72 hours after completion and only for technical support purposes.