What are the incredible benefits of purchasing lab-grown diamonds?


If you’re planning to gift jewelry to your would-be bride, then you need to understand the pros and cons of each of the metals available in the market. Most people prefer platinum, white gold, or diamond. However, there’s a never ending competition and confusion between white gold vs platinum as they both have a similar appearance. This becomes quite tedious especially if you do not have knowledge and experience in buying jewelry.

So if you’re not so experienced, do not worry! If you want to maintain a budget without making any compromise on the quality of the jewelry, the best choice would be lab-grown diamonds. These diamonds are far better than their natural counterparts because lab-grown diamonds have been produced ethically. Also, these diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Though the lab-grown and the mined diamonds are identical chemically, the former is produced in labs under required pressure and temperature conditions.

Nowadays, man made diamonds are popularly used in producing aesthetically pleasing jewelry. Here mentioned are some of the incredible reasons why lab-grown diamonds are far better than the other metals or mined diamonds. Read below to know the reasons.

  • Greater purity– Lab-grown diamonds are manufactured in labs under required pressure and temperature. On the other hand, mined diamonds are found under the earth’s surface which through mining is taken out. It means that ethically produced diamonds have greater purity as it does not have impurities or grains embedded in them. As they are grown carefully, there are fewer strains and defects.
  • Ethically produced– One of the biggest advantages of lab-grown diamonds is that they are produced ethically and unlike mined diamonds, it does not involve harmful working conditions, child labor histories or violation of human rights. Both mined and lab-grown diamonds have similar chemical and physical properties, however there’s a difference in the way in which they’re produced. Because of this similarity in their properties, the industrial experts fail to identify with naked eyes. The lab-grown versions are created in a closed chamber heated at extreme temperatures.
  • Available in different colors and an affordable choice– Colored diamonds are rare and hence, they are sold only during inflation. However, all credit goes to the technological advancements because man made diamonds are available in several color choices. What’s more? They are better than natural colored stones and are budget-friendly options.
  • Sustainable choice– The way natural diamonds are mined is substantially injurious to Mother Earth. This is because it includes lots of hard labor and heavy usage of fossil fuels. When compared to the lab-grown diamonds, it is a sustainable choice and causes no environmental damage.

If you are looking for a quality metal that is sustainable, eco-friendly, and affordable, then lab-grown diamonds would be the right choice. Gold and platinum are also good options but because of the debate between white gold and platinum, you might find yourself in a worrisome situation. To avoid controversies and complexities, go for the one that makes shopping easier and convenient.