The superiority of custom printed boxes


Though it might seem inconsequential, packaging is most definitely an integral part of marketing strategy. A plain brown carton box might do the job but custom printed boxes creates a sea of difference. Yes, it is a much more pricey and sophisticated venture but a first-class box inscribed with colorful graphics and artwork is a game-changer! Customers love greatly designed products. You can learn how to use Photoshop and Premier in order to do it yourself or you can hire a graphics artist to do it for you. People would love to buy a product with creative packaging. You can even make it look even more great by using video-editing effects on adobe premiere rush  to highlight the creativity of your product’s packaging whenever you are making video advertisements for your products.

In the initial days, people used the good old cardboard foldable cartons. It involved the use of paperboard that is cut, printed and laminated. A good analogy would be the cereal box.  The packaging is a decisive part of the business process and holds as much value as the product it contains. Good quality packaging has the potency of influencing the customer to buy the product. In fact, I would go as far as saying that even the best quality products will suffer dearth in sales if packaged poorly.

It can be used for packing practically any kind of dry goods. These boxes were once two-dimensional flat paper but by following a series of simple steps, you can turn them into a durable box. It just requires a few folds and tucks to result in a perfect three-dimensional paper box with a lid. Some popular examples are the cereal box, donut boxes, and take-out containers

How does one make a foldable carton?

The process is quite simple, to say the least. Before you start with packing, you’ll have to consider the contents inside. Is it food? Or is it a bottle? Hypothetically speaking, if it were a small vase of about 10 inches, then due consideration of length and width must be taken into account. Regarding the sealing of the box, you can either choose to glue one end and have the top tuck in, much like an envelope or you could use the tucking technique on both sides, to do away with icky, sticky glue altogether.

For printed carton boxes, the flat carton is experimented on by a graphic artist who then prints the finished result on the paper. Each panel of the carton box is printed meticulously before the box is assembled.

Some printing companies run the whole gamut of operations like packaging and even shipping to the retailer outlet.

Emballage personnalise Netpak, based in Canada offers a high-quality range of cardboard boxes like corrugated boxes and lightweight boxes made with virgin fiber. They also extend printing services with metallic ink and high-gloss transparent UV coating.