Role of recruitment agencies for hiring people in life-science industries


Recruitment is more than just about asking for applications and interviewing candidates. When it comes to life sciences, and industries like pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical and biotechnology, the whole process is more about finding right people with apt skillset and experience, for the right roles. Some of the biggest companies in life science sectors and allied industries prefer to hire recruitment consultants and agencies. Companies like Renaudexec life sciences recruitment agency have helped clients in filling up positions in diverse departments, including both temporary and permanent roles. 

In this post, we are sharing all you need to know about the role of these recruitment agencies, especially for these sectors. 

Filling up temporary and permanent roles

The process of hiring a sales person for pharma sales, is different than hiring a Clinical research associate (CRA). For these industries, it is also necessary to hire people who are experienced and have expertise in government and regulatory affairs, primarily because the sector is subjected to numerous compliance requirements, rules, and regulations. Sometimes, the roles of these professionals are temporary, but necessary, because the company needs to reduce work load and get things done in time. Filling up temporary positions is also associated with time constraints in general. 

The role of recruitment agencies is to find people for both permanent and temporary roles. They expected to understand the requirement and job demands, and select people who can work in the interest of their clients. 

To create the recruitment process

Many companies rely on recruitment agencies to figure out a comprehensive policy for hiring, retaining and removing talent. Consultants are expected to work with clients in a customized way, offering them assistance and guidelines for streamlining recruitments and further process. The respective recruitment agency may choose to stay involved in hiring people at every step, but they will ensure that their client is compliant to various policies and have a clear process for managing talent.

Customized assistance

One of the other reasons why clients hire recruitment agencies in the pharma and life-science sectors is customized assistance. Considering the core job of these industries is very specific and unique, consultants work with clients in a personal way, offering them solutions that will help them have a better approach to filling up vacancies. 

Not to forget, these recruitment agencies have the database of employees and interested candidates, so that can actually reduce the time, cost and effort involved in finding people for different roles.