Choose Your Options for the Perfect eBay Sale


You need three things to make a success of your webshop: wanted products, the skills to market them and the drive to succeed. You already have that winning mentality, but finding popular products to sell can be a difficult job. We help you on your way with ‘search tips’, some trends and most sold products worldwide via ebay.

How Do You Find Popular Or Most Sold Products?

What are you going to sell? One of the tips is to research trends. Which products are popular and are the most sold? If you recognize a trend early and respond quickly, you have a nice head start on the competition. But how do you discover what is or will become popular? Search online! The Internet and social media are your best friends. For example, view Google Trends and trending Hashtags on Instagram or Twitter. And be sure to check out the trending products on popular marketplaces such as eBay. So how to sell on ebay? Here are the options that you need to be sure of.

Popular Products for the Market

A tour of these channels shows us the following popular products for the market. Please note. Trend lists are updated on a daily or even hourly basis. Highlight a number of products that have sold well in recent times and are worth exploring.

Marble Tracks ++

Marbles, they never really left. The current trend has been underway for some time, but it is still possible to join in. The Marble Mania and savings campaigns at supermarkets keep the trend going and more and more additional popular products are entering the market. That’s your chance. Highly rated at Ebay are the marble track extension sets. You have marble tracks of various materials and brands so that you can even offer a niche.

Fidget Toys (Fidget Toys)

On Ebay you can clearly see that the Fidget toys are ‘on the rise’. You have to keep a close eye on this type of toy and really follow the latest trends in order not to miss the boat. These are temporarily the most sold products. Fast switching and good online visibility are key in this. For example, we first had the Fidget spinner, later the Fidget cube, various other fidget toys and now the Pop it fidget toys cannot be bought as popular products.

Everything for Your Pet

Since the lockdown, more and more people have a pet. There are now more than 27 million pets in the country! An interesting market anyway. But what does last year’s peak mean? At what stage are the animals that were puppies or kittens at that time? What need do these animals (and their owners) now have for food, medicine, stuff? Would you be interested to sell royal canin puppy food online to meet this need? There may be room for your webshop with good online availability and find ability. Or what do you think of online (puppy) courses?

Many Products Sold In Corona Time

During the current pandemic, the demand for products can change quickly or unexpected products can suddenly take off. Think of the mouth masks that became mandatory last year, which many merchants quickly picked up on. Face masks became the best-selling products for many web shops. But subscription boxes and digital products did very well. It requires a lot of flexibility from entrepreneurs and a quick decision. New relaxations or a lockdown have a major impact on consumer behavior. Also consider the corona rapid tests that are sold a lot. With the summer approaching, this can mean a lot.