19 tips to make your Instagram posts pop


Do you realise the true power of an Instagram post that pops?  

Instagram isn’t just used for digital marketing. For people who are only using instagram to meet someone there are already tons of alternatives. Nowadays, a lot of people prefer using dating apps to find potential romantic partners. One dating app that you should definitely try using is Happn. It is a location-based social search dating app which shows you a list of other users whom you’ve physically encountered throughout your day. However, if you would like to maintain your instagram account then read on for some awesome tips!

Are you making the most out of your Instagram posts?  

Many people who make use of this extremely popular social media site to market their business often underestimate the true power of an Instagram post that pops.  If you are serious about digital marketing then you’ll need to fully understand the many Instagram hacks, tips and features that will help you make your Instagram post pop.  

Did you know that Instagram has quickly become one of the favourite social platforms?  And Instagram is not just popular among Millennials or teens. The latest research clearly shows that the number of adults using is steadily increasing and so too is their frequency to the well-known site.  Most Instagram users pop in to check out Instagram’s feed a few times per day.

For these reasons and many others, it’s most definitely worthwhile completing a digital marketing course so you too can reap the many benefits of posting on this social media platform.

It’s not just about the number of followers

While we understand that the number of followers you have on Instagram is important, so too is the quality and content of your posts.  Successfully marketing on Instagram isn’t only about the numbers, a smaller audience can still make a difference.  

There’s a popular saying about Instagram – which is, “Instagram is about connecting with people and not collecting people.”

If your digital marketing journey on Instagram is going to be successful, then your posts have to pop – there can be no doubt about it. This is where a good social media agency can come in and help you with Instagram marketing services.

So, you have great content, a high-quality image or video and you plan to showcase your business on Instagram, but you also need to take into consideration that every single post has to pop to make an impact.

Here are some tips, tricks and techniques to make your Instagram posts pop

  1. Get creative with the basics – Be different, be unique and stand out with even the basics on Instagram, such as what font you use.  Get creative with your font to make your posts stand out.  
  2. Use special characters – In addition to using special fonts a good way to stand out is to also use special characters in your posts and bio.
  3. Colour coordinate – Colour coordinating your posts is a great way to get attention and make your posts pop.
  4. Use a natural filter – It’s a good idea to always choose a more natural filter on your Instagram posts.
  5. Make use of all types of ads – There are many types of ads that you can use on Instagram such as photo ads, sponsored ads, mapped ads, story ads, video ads and carousel ads so make sure you vary your posts and ads.
  6. Themes – Craft a consistent theme for your posts.
  7. Allow notifications from your favourites – Set up your ‘turn on notifications’ choice so that you are notified when your favourite people post so that you’re kept in the loop of what’s hip and happening.
  8. Natural photos are trendySocial media can often be viewed as ‘fake’, so right now natural photos are popular so well-taken, high-quality ‘natural’ photos are a way to make your post pop.
  9. Add stickers – Make your post stand out by adding stickers.
  10. Schedule posts in advance – Take advantage of the best times to post on Instagram.  There’s not much point in making your posts pop if they show up on someone’s feed at the wrong time.
  11. Don’t forget Boomerang – Spice things up with a Boomerang post.
  12. Focus on Instagram stories – Instagram’s story feature has become very popular and 300 million people use this daily.  That’s a vast audience.
  13. Clever captions – Be clever when it comes to using your caption space.  Make sure your text is interesting.
  14. Get your hashtags right – Hashtags are also a great way to get attention on Instagram.  Use the right hashtags for your post.
  15. Coordinate posts – It’s important to correctly coordinate posts on Instagram.  Make sure all your posts look perfect and that your posts have a certain theme and look.
  16. Use Slideshow – Give a different perspective and a behind the scenes post with slideshow.
  17. Create a collage – Get creative and create a collage post.
  18. Adjust your phone’s camera setting – These days most Instagram photos are taken by a smartphone so it makes sense to adjust your phone’s camera settings to the optimal level.
  19. Live videos – Use Instagram’s Live to post real-time videos.